Fire Destroys Abandoned Home’s Garage

EUGENE, Ore. — A suspicious early morning fire in an abandoned home completely destroyed a garage.

“It’s dangerous in the neighborhood. People were coming and going. I was afraid someone was going to burn it down,” said Eugene resident Roxy Rich.

The house near the intersection of West 2nd Avenue and Chambers Street became vacant after the home owner died in Oct. 2011.

“She loved this house. You know she loved it. She’d be appalled at what it’s become,” said Eugene resident Rico Kreindel.

Not only boarded up windows, but a mailbox filled with unopened letters show the house hasn’t been occupied in some time.

Directly next door to Mr. Appliance, the store owners thought this house would make the perfect home.

“We’re ready to buy this house. We’re ready. We’ll do something with it, something better than this. It’ll look much better than that,” Rich said.

Even after watching the home fall apart in the past year, they haven’t shied away from their goal.

“There were rodents under the house, people coming and going through the house. It just really has killed the value of the house,” Kreindel said. “We still want to buy it.”

An early morning fire destroyed the garage, but didn’t damage the home.

“Took just a few minutes to put the fire out. It was a pretty heavy body of fire. It was almost completely engulfed on the inside of the garage and had burned through the side wall,” said Don Vaught, Eugene Fire Battalion Chief.

Firefighters are calling it suspicious and think it might have been caused by a warming fire for the homeless.

“That may or may not be the case, but that’s why we’re investigating,” Vaught said.

But still, for the owners of Mr. Appliance–even a fire–can’t keep them from their plans.

“It’s a nice old house. It deserves better,” Rich said.

The Eugene Police Department is investigating both this fire and a nearby fire that started just 20 minutes after this one. EPD arrested Delvin Cloud on first-degree arson for a fire in an apartment building on McKinley Friday morning. Although the two fires were close, they don’t think they were related.

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