Fire Destroys Barn Filled With Hay

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NEAR EUGENE, Ore. — A barn just outside of Eugene is a total loss after a fire tore through the building Sunday afternoon.

Crews are monitoring the fire to make sure the flames don’t spread to any neighboring structures. The Lane Fire Authority received a call about the fire just before 11:30 Sunday morning. When firefighters arrived, flames covered about half of the barn. The structure then collapsed.

Firefighters said the barn was storing about 400 tons of hay which makes extinguishing the fire nearly impossible.

“Usually when we put so much water on a product such as hay, it’s very difficult to put out. So in this particular case we’re letting the bulk of the hay burn down to remove some of it and we’ll be cleaning it up later on this afternoon with the homeowner and property owner,” said Division Chief Christopher Heppel, Lane Fire Authority.

Firefighters said they’re unsure the value of the barn, but say it’s a total loss.

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