Fire Destroys Goshen Home

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GOSHEN, Ore. — Investigators are trying to figure out what caused a house fire in Goshen late Thursday night. Firefighters and investigators were at the home all that night and into Friday morning trying to figure out what sparked the flames. While watching their home of several years get eaten away by the fire was tough, the family said they’re just grateful they each made it out alive.

“We were just falling asleep and I heard the cats, ‘Meow, meow, meow,'” said 13-year-old Blake Goodrich, the young boy who lived in the house, “It was just the whole back of the house. You could stand right out in front and see the flames just past the roof.”

Volunteer firefighters from Goshen and Pleasant Hill responded as quickly as they could. Five units and nearly 30 people showed up to fight the flames. But it was clear, especially by the light of day, not much of what was inside or even the house itself could be salvaged.

“At this point, after talking with the insurance company, it’s more than likely, they will simply come in and remove it and replace it with another structure,” said Goshen and Pleasant Hill Fire Department Chief David Wolting.

The occupants and their neighbors think the fire might be related to one just a few months ago right next door.

“It’s just really strange because this house that caught on fire and there’s another house next to it and the one on the other side was on fire just a few months ago. So instantly, we were all in a panic,” said neighbor Lisa Hardin.

But the fire department disagrees.

Wolting said, “In the first fire we had some months ago, it was confirmed to be an electrical fire and I’m just pretty confident that the two are totally unrelated.”

While some may not see eye to eye on that issue, they all agree on at least one thing.

“I’m just thinking, luckily, that me, my grandma and my Uncle Don got out,” said Goodrich.

The fire department believes the loss will amount to about $125,000 to $130,000. The family also lost their two cats in the fire. They are now currently staying with their neighbors as they work to fine a more permanent home.

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  1. jason marks says:

    WHERE ARE YOUR smoke alarms?
    A cat “meow meow” is not a smoke alarm.
    I am surprised at the casual disregard for your own life and safety.

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