Fire Destroys RV

EUGENE, Ore. — Two Eugene brothers are counting their blessings after their RV went up in flames.

The fire broke out around noon and smoke could be seen for miles.

Here’s how the brothers describe the scary ordeal.

“Boom, and there was nothing left,” John Davis said.

In a matter of seconds, the place Davis called home was engulfed in flames.

“Everything I had was in there,” Davis said.

Davis’s brother Mark Carmickle is left in awe, recalling how he narrowly escaped the RV.

Carmickle was trying to pull the RV out of the driveway because Davis is in a wheelchair and can’t drive.

“They kept yelling you got a fuel leak,” Carmickle said.

Carmickle says he shut it down and headed for the door.

“Somehow he hit a rock or something and when it ignited it just blew, my brother jumped out as fast as he could get out of there,” Davis.

“I had already started seeing the flames, and I could feel the heat when I was coming out of the door. It got pretty hot quick,” Carmickle said.

An employee at GloryBee Foods says he heard a couple of explosions.

“A couple of our employees actually responded with fire extinguishers and didn’t do much good,” said GloryBee Foods employee Casey Adair.

Firefighters worked quickly to put the fire out, with the cause pointing toward a mechanical problem.

That’s in line with what these brothers describe happening, and now they must figure out where they go from here.

“What a mess. I am more concerned about my brother,” Carmickle said.

The brothers say their dog is also ok, but they’re missing a cat.

Neighbors tell us Red Cross is helping the victim.

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