Fire District Reattempts Bond Measure

EUGENE, Ore. — The Pleasant Hill Fire District says they are attempting to pass a bond measure this year, after last years was denied.

The fire district says if the measure passes, they could get a new fire station and a couple of other needed things.

“I don’t think there’s a question in anyone’s mind that this is an aging facility,” said Chief David Wolting, Pleasant Hill Fire District.

The state of the fire station was one of the first things Chief Wolting was informed of when he was instated January 1 and it was the heart of last year’s measure that missed the mark by 21 votes. So Chief Wolting wanted to rearrange some things before another attempt this election.

“The need that was identified was definitely the repair of this station, maybe not to the degree that was originally thought; there are more efficient designs that I believe we’ve identified.”

Chief Wolting says the less expensive model will save the fire station and tax payers money.

Residents in the community were still skeptical about the station’s wish list.

“Is it a want or a need?” said resident Alan Matthews.

Matthews started going to the fire district board meetings to ask that question and more, to make sure if this next measure passed, it would be something that he and his neighbors could afford.

“In talking with probably a dozen people around here, all of them I’ve talked to have been supportive of buying a piece of property and putting a fire station on it, but they’re a little hesitant about what this is going to cost to do this,” said Matthews.

The exact price per household is still being calculated, but Chief Wolting says he’s working to please as many people as he can and be as transparent as possible in the process.

“This fire district, its equipment, belongs to the taxpayers of this fire district and we want them to feel ownership,” said Chief Wolting.

Chief Wolting is working on drafting that bond measure before it’s due March 21, but there’s still time for community input at the next board meeting March 11.

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