Fire Engulfs Mobile Home

EUGENE, Ore. — Nearly 20 firefighters tackled a major mobile home fire Monday morning, but they couldn’t work fast enough to save the home or most of the belongings inside.

Firefighters say the fire started in a storage shed and quickly spread to a mobile home off Highway 99. The two occupants and their dog were able to make it out okay, but their belongings are destroyed.

The owners say they woke up to the sounds of a screaming neighbor and the sight of flames in front of their faces.

Their dog Cocoa immediately darted out, and they followed.

The home and everything in it are a total loss. The garden remains, and the woman managed to snag her family’s antique clock and a few other irreplaceable belongings.

The Red Cross is helping them with food, clothing, shelter and other things that were destroyed.

“The fact that someone showed up to help them, to show up before the fire department left, that was uplifting for them,” said Michael Hurick from the Red Cross.

“As you can see we don’t have much to live in, but a bicycle would help,” said one of the occupants.

The couple is grateful they are safe and that they have support.

The Eugene Fire Department says it’s still investigating the cause of the fire, but that live wires were dangerously close to the structure.

The Red Cross says they will continue to look at shelter options for the residents beyond their three-day emergency stay.

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