Fire Leads to Water Damage at UO

2-3 UO FireEUGENE, Ore. — A small fire forces the evacuation of Esslinger Hall and the adjoining UO Student Recreation Center.

The UO says the fire likely started in the hallway. While limited, the flames triggered the building’s alarms and sprinkler system. The sprinklers extinguished the fire, but there was water damage.

Students were also forced to evacuate the building.

“We had to go out the back where unfortunately we got stuck because there’s a construction site. We had to get creative and scurry over the fences and out through the site,” said student Patrick Miller.

Students say the water damaged computers and a ceiling collapsed.

They were allowed back into the rec center to retrieve their things.

The building was closed for the rest of the night. As for what caused the fire, that’s still under investigation. No one was hurt.

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