Fire Marshal Investigates Apartment Fire

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A fire marshal is trying to determine what sparked a fire at a Springfield apartment complex.

The fire started a little before 4:30 p.m. Tuesday.

When crews arrived to the McKenzie Meadow Apartments on Oakdale Avenue, they found a fire on the ground floor of a three story apartment building. They were able to limit the flames to the one unit.

Nobody was home at the time, but two neighbors broke down the door just to be sure.

“You know, it had to be done. We just wanted to make sure nobody was inside. They have three kids there and stuff, and they just moved in to the apartment. It was just a matter of making sure there was nobody inside,” said neighbor Chris Slaven.

There was some exterior damage, but no one was hurt.

The Red Cross is helping the five people who lived in the apartment.

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  1. sheila says:

    This was my daughter and grandsons home and I would like to thank the neighbors that risked there safety to make sure they were not in need of assistance inside this apartment, God bless you.

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