Fire Season Ends and Snow Season Begins

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The fire season ends and the snow season begins the same week.  The Pole Creek Fire is now 100 percent contained and many forest lands have been reopened. A storm is making its way through western Oregon Friday. The rain started falling early Friday and will continue to fall through the night.  High temperatures will only make it to low 60s, which will actually be the warmest we will see all week.

Saturday we’ll be in between storms, but we’ll continue to see isolated showers off and on all day with highs down into the mid to upper 50s.

Starting Sunday, an area of low pressure is going to move down from the north and set up shop just off shore where it will stay for a good five days. We’ll see disturbances rotating around this storm about every 24 hours, keeping all of next week very soggy.  This will also pull in cold arctic air across the Pacific Northwest.

As the jet stream moves south, we’ll see cooler air moving in with each day.  The freezing level will likely drop to around 4,000 feet by Saturday morning and it won’t likely climb above 4,500 feet through at least Wednesday.  This means the Cascade passes will see their first snow of the season. If you’re traveling over Santiam or Willamette Pass this weekend, be prepared for a couple of inches.

Have a great weekend!
-Meteorologist Melissa Frey

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