Fire Trucks Ready for Light Parade

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SANTA CLARA, Ore. — Holiday lights parades are scheduled this weekend for Junction City, Harrisburg and Coburg.

Add to the mix the 19th annual Fire Truck Light Parade in Santa Clara.

All the fun and excitement gets under way Saturday at about 4:45 p.m. That’s when about a dozen vehicles will leave from Fire Station 51, and the vehicles will be decked out with lots of lights and holiday cheer.

Hidden behind the garage door is a classic beauty–a vintage fire truck from 1952. In addition to the emergency lights, there are holiday lights and on top Rudolph lights the way. It’s one of a dozen fire trucks, engines, ambulances and rescue trucks taking part in the annual fire truck light parade put on by Lane Rural Fire/Rescue District.

During the parade firefighters are prepared to stop and pick up food donations for Food for Lane County as well as toys for Toys for Tots.

“If you live in the area, this is our 19th annual parade this year, so I can’t imagine that too many people don’t know about it, but hopefully the word gets out. We’d love to see everybody waving to us, bringing food up to us and toys. It’s just going to be a wonderful night,” said Lt. Tressa Miller, Lane Fire Authority.

Signs are already up marking the route which covers close to seven miles. The parade itself is expected to take about three hours.

For anyone interested in catching this parade, click here for a map of the route.


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  1. Sarah says:

    The link to the parade route map doesn’t work. Help! I want to take my grandson, but don’t know where to go!!!

    1. KEZI Staff says:

      This article is from a couple of years ago. Here is the link to more information on the 2014 parade: http://www.lanefire.org/

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