Firebusters: Defensible Space

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EUGENE, Ore. —  Fire season in Oregon is expected to hit a month early this year, and right now is the time to get your home ready.

Members of the Lane Fire Prevention Cooperative say families should discuss creating a defensible space around the house that’s free from any fire fuel.

Lane Fire Authority Marshal, Dean Chappel, said the best way to do that is by removing any dead or dying debris that could easily catch on fire, keeping plants well watered and green, and planting fire resistant plants.

“It’s a way to protect your home,” he said. “The green space is where weeds and brush are cut back so when a fire is coming at you from 20 to 30 feet high, it’ll come down to only a few feet high.”

Chappel also said to store firewood at least 20-feet away from your home, so if there is a fire, it doesn’t help fuel it.

Friday is the last day of the Firebusters series.

Remember that the first 100 children who take their completed worksheets to Cabela’s on Saturday May 31st at 9 a.m. will receive prizes.

Kids can also take the worksheets to Splash! in Springfield, until September 15th, for up to four half-priced passes.

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