Firefighters Battle 2-Alarm House Fire

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EUGENE, Ore.– Eugene fire crews battled a two-alarm house fire on the 2200 block of Lakeview Drive. Firefighters say arbor vitae on the side of the home caught fire and the flames quickly spread to the attic. At one point, the flames were so intense, the roof collapsed and Battalion Chief Matthew Steinberg of the Eugene Fire Department called all the firefighters out of the house.

“The roof is very cut up on the inside, so the fire was able to spread really quickly and we were unable to control it. We ended up having crews come outside and we ended up having to fight the fire from the outside,” said Steinberg.

The owner of the home, Tony Chavez, built the home and watched it burn from across the street.

“Well it’s terrible to see something go up in flames but its just stuff,” said Chavez.

Chavez and his wife got out safely. A couple firefighters were hurt when the ceiling fell on them, but they’ll be okay. The fire is under investigation.

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