Firefighters Battle Fall Creek Wildfire

FALL CREEK, Ore. — Firefighters worked into the evening battling a blaze near Fall Creek Saturday afternoon.

Around 5 p.m. dozens of fire crews were still fighting the fire up in a wooded area in Fall Creek. Crews ran into a bit of trouble trying to get close to the fire, as one of their trucks got stuck in the entry of the main access road to the fire.

A helicopter assisted the fire crews battling the fire, dropping water on not only the flames, but also the surrounding area.

Residents living right down the street said they smelled smoke in the morning, but thought it was someone burning leaves. When fire crews showed up, they knew their home might be in trouble.

“I kept asking them do we need to get our stuff out and they said at this point it’s premature, but go off your comfort level, so I got our paperwork and a few things, pictures,” said Debbie Levesque, Fall Creek resident.

Levesque said she has lived in the same home for 18 years and one time a fire burned the same area as this fire, but it didn’t damage any homes.

Residents say they’re hopeful the fire would be contained to the wooded area behind their homes, but everyone was on high alert and packed up prized possessions just in case the fires spread closer to their homes.

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