Firefighters Collect Money for MDA

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Firefighters from Eugene and Springfield teamed up Friday to fight a different kind of battle.

They’re raising money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Local firefighters have been taking part in the Fill the Boot campaign for 50 years.

On Friday, they held out empty boots at the corner of Pioneer Parkway and Q Street to collect money from drivers. The donations will stay right here in the community and will go to families battling muscular diseases.

“The people of Springfield and Eugene have always been so generous coming out and donating their money. We really appreciate that and hope we get a lot more people out here today too,” said Springfield firefighter Dan Westerman.

“This year we’ve done pretty good. We have about a $40,000 goal for Eugene and Springfield alone, so we’re hoping to reach that goal this year, and so far they’re doing very well,” said Audrey Vejraska, MDA Fundraising Coordinator.

On Saturday, firefighters will be out near Autzen Stadium to collect donations from football fans heading to the game.

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  1. ron says:

    Been watching the Muscular Dystropy Assoication (MDA) annual telethon for years now, as I am watching it today. As I recently completed my MBA, I dug and did a little research on the ‘net to see how they are structured, how they are rated as far as use of charitable contributions, etc.

    I was not aware, as probably most aren’t, that their President and CEO, Gerald C. Weinberg, earns $379,710.00 per year (source: BBB Wise Giving Report for Muscular Dystrophy Association, July 2010) in salary and benefits. For running a charitable enterprise? I’m all for MDA and all that they do, but does this not seem excessive to others, compared to those CEOs that run for-profit businesses and are held accountable to shareholders?

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