Firefighters Helping the Homeless

1-27 bungalow buildingEUGENE, Ore. — Local firefighters traded in the hoses and hydrants for the hammers and nails Monday to build transitional housing at Opportunity Village.

Monday they built the bungalows from the ground up, using charity money collected throughout the year to pay for supplies.

The group built two bungalows in Opportunity Village. Firefighters and paramedics respond to Opportunity Village frequently, which is why they wanted to get involved in helping the people who live there. “We do get involved in the community and we’re always looking for opportunities to kind of give back. Our occupation we serve the community professionally as paramedics and firefighters but we also have a lot of volunteer opportunities and volunteers that want to give back to some of the social causes,” said Mike Barneby, Lane Professional Firefighters Association president.

“I’m excited to live here. It gives people a sense of freedom and being able to come back and unlock your door and store your stuff and you know it just makes you feel like a human being rather than locked up in some building,” said Opportunity Village resident Luis Diaz.

After building the bungalows, the firefighters painted them.

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