Firefighters Playing Bagpipes Monday

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EUGENE, Ore. — A group of Eugene and Springfield firefighters are getting ready for action Monday, not with their helmets and hoses but their kilts and bagpipes.

They’re called the Eugene Firefighters Pipes and Drums. Started in 2007, the 10-member band plays at various ceremonies and memorials throughout Oregon.

Pipe major and band founder, Wayne Morris, says the group was formed at the fire station at 13th and Willamette when other firefighters asked him to teach them how to play. From there, the band was born. But, Morris says the idea of the band was inspired much earlier.

“Really, it came after 9/11. There’s a long history with the bagpipes and being tradition with the fire service and after 9/11, we saw a need for that same tradition to take part here in our area,” said Morris.

The band is made up of current and retired firefighters, as well as support staff.

It’s playing at various places on Monday for St. Patrick’s Day. To see a full list of times and places they’ll be stopping at, click here.

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