Firefighters Work to Protect Homes

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WOLF CREEK, Ore. — Firefighters have made significant progress on the Douglas Complex fires Sunday.

The complex of fires have burned more than 34,000 acres, threatening 470 homes.

Structural protection firefighters specialize in keeping threatened homes safe from the blaze. Saturday the crews mopped up an area near homes in Wolf Creek. Firefighters are calling the region one of the highest priority areas because a number of homes are withing a few hundred feet of the fire.

While many people in the evacuation zone left their homes, resident Janette King did not. King decided to stay at her house in Wolf Creek, despite the fire already getting within 200 feet of her house

“It’s terrifying, but you just have to hang tough and say your prayers and trust in all of these good people to take care of you and so far it’s worked out because they’ve done a phenomenal job,” King said

“We’re going to start mopping up, we just got direction that we’re going to mop out 100 feet around this catline, so we’re going to take hoseline and make sure everything is out 100 feet out from the cabin,” said

Saturday night crews had a controlled burn near the home to get rid of any fuels just in case the fire spreads closer to the house.

The Douglas Complex has destroyed two commercial buildings and two outbuildings.

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