Firework Vendors Hold Massive Sales

EUGENE, Ore. — Firework vendors are hoping to go out with a bang!

For the next couple of days they’ll be having massive sales to get rid of unsold fireworks.

Vendors we spoke with say they saw a huge spike in sales leading up to the Fourth of July and they think it’s because of the heat wave last week.

But what happens to the fireworks they don’t sell?

They say it’s a simple process.

“What we’ll end up doing is pack them and we’ll actually ship them back and you know it will only be a little bit because everyone will come out and support and help us clear the shelves,” said Chris Cheek, firework tent manager.

He says they ship them back to the manufacturer in Indiana to be used for next year.

Fireworks have a lifespand of about five to seven years, so you don’t need to worry about them malfunctioning during that time period.

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  1. hightide6096 says:

    Have it ever acured to every one that legal safe and sane fireworks are to expensive to purches.

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