Fireworks Ban Revisited

fireworksEUGENE, Ore. — The future of fireworks in Eugene is up in the air. The Eugene City Council talked about a possible ban at Monday night’s meeting.

They’re revisiting the debate after illegal fireworks sparked a house fire in north Eugene last summer.

One option the fire department talked about Monday night was adding fireworks onto Eugene’s social host ordinance law.

“Our problem is enforcement. We don’t need to make new things illegal. We need to effectively enforce the laws we already have,” said Mike Clark, Eugene City Council.

No decision was made at the meeting.

Here are the fireworks that are legal in Oregon:

Legal Fireworks


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  1. quasimodo says:

    how about you make the fine so high that people are afraid of getting caught using
    illegal fireworks?

    where I live people are tossing M80s and larger my whole house shakes from the stuff being lit off a mile away but the police and fire department don’t respond

  2. Sarah says:

    I agree that something MUST BE DONE ABOUT THE USE OF ILLEGAL FIREWORKS in Eugene. Each year it is worse. Our neighborhood (Ferry Street Bridge area) turns into a war zone about mid-June and continues until mid-July. I call the police each year. Nothing is done. I find the residuals of illegal M80 tubes in a front yard and am told they cannot do anything “unless they see them being set-off”. This is ridiculous. If you have illegal fireworks in your possession, used or not, there should be a fine … and a large one. They are dangerous and should not be a part of ANY 4th of July celebration.

    And even legal one should be limited. Sales only two or three days before the 4th. Nothing on the 4th or any other day of the year.

  3. Rebecca2216 says:

    I’m disappointed that it has taken this long for the City Council to finally address the problem. I’m even more disappointed that it had to be someone’s home that finally got their attention. What if a school, or a church, or a courthouse burnt down…what is it going to take for CHANGE here in EUGENE?

    Banning ALL use of fireworks (legal and illegal) in residential areas is the only way to resolve the problem. There was supposed to be a ban last year due to hot and dry conditions…then suddenly, our fire marshal said it was okay and there was no ban. UNbelievable! That house fire is due to his terrible decision and the lack of concern our council has had regarding this matter up until now. Betty Taylor is the only one on the council who makes sense. She told the council last night that they should NEVER have allowed churches to sell fireworks and she never approved of fireworks use in residential areas for years now!

    I have witnessed 4 house fires due to illegal and legal fireworks. They are all incendiary devices and best left up to the pros at fun events in safe venues! What is it going to take for Eugene to do the right thing…like other ‘smart’ cities have already done!

  4. tanner bierman says:

    How about you suck it up and tolerate the celebration of our countries birthday. Its an American tradition that’s been going on since, well, 1776. Get over it and stop hating on patriots. If you dont like it, move to a country that doesn’t celebrate it. Stop hating on patriots. #notanewholiday

  5. BT says:

    Banning all use of fireworks is NOT the way to resolve the problem. Take a look at the history of Prohibition; tell the majority that they are not allowed to do something, and see the exact opposite occur – absolute proliferation. Oregon, Eugene in particular, needs to “grow a sack” and look at these issues with a practical mindset.

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