Fireworks Cause Stress For Pets

EUGENE, Ore. — Fireworks are officially on sale and many residents are starting to light them off before the Fourth of July. The holiday can be a stressful time for animals, but there are ways to prepare your pet.

Dogs may experience anxiety when they hear the loud boom from fireworks. While pet owners may not be able to control fireworks, they can control the pet’s environment. Veterinarian Dr. Matthew Fricke recommends moving pets to an inner room of the house, turning down lights and wearing a thunder shirt. Owners could also play soothing music or give their pet rewards for sitting down.

A wide range of medications are available to help pets cope, from prescription to holistic. This can help provide relief for pets who suffer extreme anxiety.

Dr. Fricke says pet anxiety toward fireworks can be triggered by age, events, and health issues.

Many pets also run away because of fireworks, so owners should make sure identification tags are correct.

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