Fireworks Go On Sale in Oregon

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EUGENE, Ore. — Fireworks went officially on sale Sunday.

With Fourth of July festivities just a few weeks away it’s important to keep safety in mind.

Zachary Parnell has been selling fireworks for five years and he’s heard and seen his fair share of illegal firework activity.

“My friends got a couple felonies for it. So you got to be careful. Don’t do it,” said Parnell.

Those two felonies were for making bombs out of the fireworks.

Parnell says that’s one of the most unsafe things you can do – tamper with and try to modify a firework.

“For instance if you were to catch your house on fire, you catch somebody else’s house on fire you cause some damage insurance will not cover it you are liable 100 percent and on top of that you will get fined and possible felonies,” said Parnell.

But be careful, even if you don’t tamper with fireworks they can still do damage.

“And I had to go inside and see my mom I was like mom there’s something in my eye so then mom’s like ok maybe we should go to the hospital. So we went to the hospital and the doctor checked it out and there were a lot of scratches on my eye,” said Boone Sixel, injured by fireworks.

10 year-old Sixel remembers his traumatic experience after playing with a sparkler last Fourth of July and has advice for other kids.

“Kids that are doing this you should always have adult supervision,” said Sixel.

“Right before the sparklers got in his eye ball my wife and I both said he should really be wearing goggles. And of course that’s something you say right before and after something like that happens. But we really thought he was going to damage his eye,” said Mark Sixel, Boone’s dad.

Boone’s father Mark isn’t alone.

Each year thousands of children are injured by fireworks.

Firework vendors recommend standing at least 20 feet from fireworks that shoot out.

“They started spitting fire and one of the embers landed on his arm on both sides the doctor said they were fine but it blistered up and now they’re pretty nice scars,” said Tony Rickey, dad of a child injured by fireworks.

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  1. hightide6096 says:

    Who cares, who can afford fireworks or want to spend that much on the safe and sane but like they said , don’t give to little kids.Always use adult supervision with any kids using fireworks. Make sure to get a permit to use the illegals and a place to properly store them like a small under ground bunker 40 meters away from house if have more then 60 dollars worth. Good idea to use goggles,gloves and a hose or bucket of water. You better know what you are doing!

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