Fireworks Spark City Debate

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EUGENE, Ore. — As July 4th approaches, a community urges the Eugene City Council to make decisions on fireworks restrictions.

Two public hearings Monday night aimed to tackle use of illegal fireworks, but the council likely won’t take action before the holiday.

Those who testified this evening were frustrated over the growing problem of illegal fireworks.

A major concern for everyone who spoke was the impact it has on their pets.

One ordinance proposes a $500 for lighting fireworks outside of the three-day period of July 3rd through July 5th and December 31st and January 1st.

The other hearing focused on amending the Social Host Ordinance.

It would be an offense to light illegal fireworks in a party setting, defined as an “unruly gathering.”

Those who spoke Monday said the council needs to make this a priority.

“I’ve lived here 30 years and I’m just fed up with having to look forward to the Fourth of July with dread, every year,” said Eugene resident, Gene Mosher.

“Often my street is like a haze of smoke it smells like I’ve been in a war zone,” said Eugene resident, Emily Fox.

Councilors had a chance to respond to some of the comments.

Councilor Betty Taylor feels more needs to be done.

While Mike Clark brought up using technology as a way to report those lighting off illegal fireworks.

Councilor Claire Syrett says if they make any changes, and the measures aren’t on an upcoming agenda, they likely wouldn’t take effect in time for the holiday.;

Eugene Police will be sending out flyers to the community as a reminder of the current laws in place.

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  1. Greenhouse 9994 says:

    Thats what happen when Eugene dose not speak up for your rights. You get the law clamped down on traditions!

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