First Corvallis Dispensary Opens

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CORVALLIS, Ore. – The first Corvallis Medical Marijuana Dispensary opened its doors to the public Tuesday morning.

The Agrestic, located on SE Third Street, is one of two Corvallis dispensaries that so far has a license.  The Agrestic received its license on Saturday, and set up outdoor signs letting the public know about its April 15 opening.

“It’s amazing,” said Kayla Dunham, the store’s owner. “It’s an amazing feeling because people have been asking ever since we got here – ever since we got this building – people knew and people have been trying to figure out when they could come in and get access.”

Dunham says the store’s primary goal is to help patients who suffer from chronic pain. She says one the businesses focuses will be to help children who have epilepsy.

“It’s becoming more evident that children with epilepsy and different seizure disorders are being treated very successfully,” she said. “Children who could die aren’t dying. So right now we’re trying to bring in as many of the strains that have been shown molecularly to be structured to help them. But we want to be able to help anyone who is suffering from chronic pain.”

On Tuesday morning, patients lined up to purchase products that had not yet been legally available for purchase in Corvallis.

One customer, known as Lee, was waiting for the doors to be unlocked at 10 am.

“I wanted to be the first customer,” he said.

That he was. He showed his valid medical marijuana card and was able to select various products from the back.

“It’s a big day in my life because I’m picking up medicine for the first time legally,” he said. “I suffered a severe broken neck in a car accident many years ago. I have bad arthritis in my cervical vertebrae, and really the only thing that ever relieved it was marijuana.”

Lee says he tried taking various pain medications, but they made him feel “foggy.” Other patients agree – saying that marijuana has so far been the only successful pain reliever for their conditions.

“I have multiple sclerosis,” said another customer, who goes by Craig. “It took my legs you know. And I’m depressed about it.”

Craig says he uses marijuana not only for pain, but for depression as well.

“This is much more effective than the anti-depressants that the doctor gave me, which turned me into a creepy-feeling zombie,” he said. “And this gives me a much, much better quality of life.”

The Agrestic says it chose its name because of its meaning – not because of a reference to the popular TV show “Weeds.” Dunham says she likes the definition: “of or relating to the country; earthy; rustic; in botany: growing wild.”

So far the Oregon Health Authority has approved one other Corvallis dispensary: High Quality Compassion on NW Ninth Street. The owner says he hopes to open within the next few weeks.

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