First Eugene Salsa Festival Wraps Up

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EUGENE, Ore. — Step by step dancers are improving their salsa skills. “Our interest is Cuban Salsa, Rueda, and Timba. So that’s what we’re taking advantage of and we performed on Friday night,” said Courtney Garcia.

During the first Eugene Salsa Festival, instructors from all over the country performed different dances and then taught eager students their moves. “The best performers in the world perform on Saturday night and then we take a class from these people on Sunday and that’s just amazing,” said Robert Asumendi.

From Afro-Cuban to Puerto Rican, to New York and LA style, there’s a unique flavor for everyone.

“Anyone can learn how to salsa, people always learn at different rates, but really you know it’s not too hard it’s a lot of fun and I think really anyone can do it,” said Michelle Hyde-Wright.

Even though festivals like this happen in big cities all over the world, the Salseros Dance Company felt like Eugene needed its own.

“What’s unique about this is that Eugene is a smaller community. So usually smaller towns like this don’t have an event like this on this scale, so we’re excited to bring that level of programming here to Eugene,” said Hyde-Wright.

As the weekend wraps up, organizers are already excited to bring the festival back next year. “They’re going to be able to come here over the weekend get all the information they need to really have a great time out there on the dance floor wherever you go,” said Asumendi.

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