Unofficial Election Results Released

Ballots are being counted in western Oregon counties for the May 2013 Special Election. Here are the results for some of the measures so far as of 9:30 p.m.:

Lane County:

Eugene City Fee: Yes: 32%, No: 67%

Lane County Jail & Youth Services Levy: Yes: 56%, No: 43%

Eugene School District Bond: Yes: 62%, No: 37%

Siuslaw School District Levy: Yes: 54%, No: 45%

Pleasant Hill Fire Bonds: Yes: 44%, No: 55%

Mapleton Fire Department Tax: Yes: 68%, No: 31%

Formation of the Heceta Water People’s Utility District: Yes: 78%, No: 21%

Benton County: 

Philomath School District: Yes: 51%, No: 48%

Douglas County:

Roseburg School Bond: Yes: 42%, No: 55%

The next results will be released at 9:30 p.m.

Linn County:

Scio School District Bond: Yes: 37%, No: 59%

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