Fisherman’s Market Truck Runs on Oil

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EUGENE, Ore. — One of the advantages of living along the Pacific Ocean is the bountiful supply of fresh seafood.

But hauling all that fish and crab from the coast to Eugene can eat up a lot of gas.

One local fish market is making its commute green.

“The store’s been here for 30-some years,” said Ryan Rogers, Fisherman’s Market Owner.

Sitting on the corner of 7th Avenue and Blair Boulevard, Fisherman’s Market probably catches your eye from time to time. Maybe it’s the steam rising from the crab cookers out front.

“It’s just kind of unique to Eugene. We have a little bit of everything here,” Rogers said.

Or the sign detailing the fresh product that’s just come in from the boats in Newport.

“We buy all of our crab, salmon, halibut, black cod. They catch a lot of different species for us,” Rogers said.

Other fish, like the Chinook salmon, come from the Columbia River.

“Our truck drives all over the state all year long,” Rogers said.

Rogers’ Ford isn’t the gas guzzler it looks like.

“We’ve been running almost six years on vegetable oil,” Rogers said.

The oil that’s used to fry up the market’s fish and chips gets saved, filtered, then poured into the tank.

“It’s very clean burning. So not only are we getting rid of it in a good way, but the emissions are about 15 percent compared to when it’s running on diesel,” Rogers said.

The truck uses both kinds of fuel, since the oil needs to heat up before it’s the right consistency.

“At 180 degrees, vegetable oil acts just like diesel in a diesel engine,” Rogers said. “As soon as we get on the road, say we’re going to Newport, by the time we get to Junction City, we flip it over and drive the whole rest of the way on vegetable oil.”

Those trips to Newport, Portland and all over the rest of the state eat up a lot of oil.

1:18 ryan we use about 80 to 100 gallons a month, especially if i’m driving a lot,” Rogers said. “We don’t generate enough oil ourselves, so we work with Newman’s on a lot of things. So I haul a lot of product for them in exchange for all their vegetable oil. It works out great for both of us.”

It’s great for the businesses and for the environment.

“So it’s a feel-good feeling all the way around,” Rogers said.

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