Fishermen Concerned about Tsunami Debris

NEWPORT, Ore. — Now that the dock washed ashore near Newport, local fishermen worry what other debris they might encounter out at sea.

The Newport fishermen KEZI 9 News spoke with say they were surprised to see how large the dock is. They say they’ve seen plenty of debris recently while they’ve been out fishing, but nothing of that magnitude.

Rocky Chirrick has been fishing for almost 40 years, but his last trip to Kodiak looked like a whole new ocean.

“I’ve never seen debris like it is, it’s all day long, chunks of foam, it looks like insulation from homes and then the 50 gallon barrels, there’s a lot of them,” said Pacific Ram Captain Rocky Chirrick.

Even those fishing closer to our coast have had to dodge extra debris.

“I noticed seeing large chunks of foam floating off shore, within the last couple weeks and a lot of logs and bushes and trees with root wads attached to them and other various items out there,” said Eddie & Rod Captain Ryan Barrett.

So far, they haven’t seen anything quite as large as the dock, but they’re worried about what they might run into out on the waters.

“Say there are docks like this at night, it could be really hazardous I mean if we hit something like that dock that washed up in Newport, it has all the potential of sinking you,” Chirrick said.

“You definitely got to keep a sharp eye out, something like that floating by you can easily run your boat into it or get your nets caught into it,” Barrett said.

Fishermen say they’re preparing for what’s to come.

“It’s going to make us really aware of things, I mean we’re really prudent about what we do anyways but it’s going to be a whole new game now,” Chirrick said.

The fishermen say since they’ve been seeing larger chunks of debris getting closer to our coast, they would expect to see it actually washing up on our beaches very soon.

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