Flights to Indianapolis Selling Out

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EUGENE, Ore. — The Ducks are headed to the Sweet 16 in Indianapolis, but will fans be able to afford the trip too?

Duck fans tend to travel well for football games, but they typically have more time to plan out trips to bowl games.

Oregon’s big win on Saturday gives fans just a few precious days to make up their minds about heading to Indianapolis on Friday.

The good news for fans is there are still a few seats left on flights from Eugene to Indianapolis between now and Friday, according to travel agents. However, because it’s so last minute, they won’t come cheap.

Travel agencies say flights alone are about $1,200 a ticket to get from Eugene to Indianapolis on time for tip-off. On top of that, the cheapest tickets available for Friday’s game on Stubhub are $90 for the nosebleed seats.

“I think that the main thing is if people are seriously thinking about going, is to not wait. I mean, there’s not much time to wait, but try to get the tickets booked today because as each day goes by, the space will get tighter and tighter and the tickets will be hard to get. The sooner the better,” said travel agent Lauri Quinby.

Fans will also need to factor in the price of hotels, which will all be higher than usual thanks to the tournament.

Louisville fans have it much easier. That team will travel the shortest distance of any team in the tournament. But despite the high costs, travel agencies say there have been plenty of Duck fans looking to make their way to Indianapolis as well.

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