Florence Military Museum Gets New Look

FLORENCE, Ore. — The Oregon Coast Military Museum in Florence has a new look.

This weekend volunteers put siding on the Florence museum.

The project is a few years along. Organizers collected $150,000 in donations to get it up and running, but they’re still short about $60,000.

“I think it’s going to be a great tourist draw for the community because there’s going to be the opportunity for people passing down Highway 101 and from the Valley to come on over to Florence and have that as another tourist attraction here in the city of Florence,” said project organizer Sam Spayd.

Twenty-one percent of Florence residents are veterans.

Click here to learn more about the museum.

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  1. Gershon Pressman says:

    It’s such a delight to know that Florence is developing and continues to do so.
    The military museum will add to the already destinations filled city.
    What a great place to visit now with a museum, casino, sand dunes, quant downtown
    stores, convention center and more.
    Thank you Florence.

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