Flu Season Officially Starts

EUGENE, Ore. — It’s October, the official the start of flu season, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends anyone older than 6 months get the flu shot this year.

Pharmacists say the shot is quick, painless and usually covered by insurance. This years shot contains three flu strains, including protection from H1N1 virus. They say it is important to get a flu shot this year because the flu virus changes every year, so last years won’t do any good.

Those at highest risk of getting the flu are young children, pregnant woman and those older than 65.

“One big group that we see coming in to get the flu shot that maybe haven’t received one before, those who are new grandparents because you can be a carrier of the flu virus and not necessarily have symptoms and give it to a child, who could get quite ill,” said Bi-Mart pharmacist Ben O’Rourke

Pharmacists say you can’t get the flu by getting the shot, but someone can feel a little achy because their body is building up that immune response.

Pharmacists also say last year’s flu wasn’t too bad and they hope this year will be about the same, but its hard to predict. The flu season tends to peak in December and January, that’s why pharmacists recommend to get the flu shot now.

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