Flu Yet to Peak in Lane County

EUGENE, Ore. — Flu season hasn’t peaked yet in Lane County, and those who catch it get hit hard.

The Lane County Health Department says the good news is there are more vaccines to go around now.

The bad news it this flu season is sticking around a lot longer than expected.

The Lane County Health Department says some local high schools are canceling events because of the flu. People are missing work for up to a week even two weeks, and the department says this is becoming economically devastating for some people.

Public Health officials say it’s hard to put a number on the amount of people who have the flu, but it’s likely in the thousands.

Staff tried to prepare for the virus, but what caught them off-guard was that it started spreading so late in the year, has yet to peak and has just kind of plateaued.

“The strain that we are seeing here is pretty serious. It is knocking people on their back for a week to two weeks, and these aren’t elderly people in assisted living facilities. Some of these people who are out for two weeks are average health adults,” said Jason Davis, Lane County Health Department spokesman.

You may recall just a couple of weeks ago we reported on a flu vaccine shortage because so many people got this flu so late in the game and pharmacies weren’t prepared to offer those extra doses.

It’s likely this flu season will extend to the end of February into March. You can still get that flu shot.

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