Fog Related Crashes

HARRISBURG, Ore. — Law enforcement is blaming the dense fog for multiple crashes along I-5 today.

The Linn County Sheriff’s Office is warning drivers about poor visibility that is expected to creep in again Sunday tonight. They say they helped Oregon State Police respond to numerous fog-related accidents, mostly in southern Linn County Saturday morning.

The sheriff’s office says they responded a crash involving multiple cars this morning on Coburg Road near Bowers Drive in Harrisburg.

One car was in the ditch. When a car stopped to help, it was hit by another vehicle.

A short while later while waiving down help, another car slid and hit it, causing a three car accident.

Deputies say situations like this can be avoided.

“Their first reaction is usually to touch the brakes and sometimes that’s the worst thing they can do. Laying off the accelerator is sometimes the best way to slow down. Increasing following distance greatly, doubling what you normally do would be recommended and just slowing down,” said Sgt. Jeff Cone with the Linn County Sheriff’s Office.

Sgt. Cone says emergency responders were on scene but no one was hurt. He adds that if anyone is traveling in the fog, make sure to especially pay attention on highways because you’re likely to travel from one weather condition to another.

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