Folks Return Home After Overnight Fire

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EUGENE, Ore. — Residents forced from their apartments Friday night following a fire were back home Saturday. The fire broke out just after 10 p.m. on Kinsrow in Eugene. Residents living in the Willamette Gardens complex as well as neighbors said the fire caused quite the commotion.

Residents said it all started in a kitchen on the fourth floor. A woman left a stove unattended and returned to find a small fire. She attempted to put the flames out with water, which actually made it worse. The whole part of that building had to be evacuated. At least 20 units were affected. Residents hoped this would teach folks to be more cautious.

“It’s scary. I just hope people are a little more aware of what they’re doing because, you know, I have a little girl and had she been here with me. I would have been panicking even more and worrying about everyone else,” said resident Tera Turnage.

The carpets of some apartments were ripped out that evening. Serv-pro was there all Saturday drying out each floor. Crews said they’ll be using about 60 fans to do the work.

Residents said the water damage was extensive. Turnage lives on the second floor and said she had water dripping through her ceiling and flooding her kitchen. She said management is still figuring out whether some of the residents have to move as they work to clean and fix all the damage.

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