Folks Shop at Holiday Market’s Last Days

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EUGENE, Ore. — On Sunday in Eugene, people weren’t just counting down the days until Christmas. Down at the Lane County Fairgrounds, they were also taking note of the last days of the Annual Holiday Market.

From mini-bows to mini-clothes, from bath salts with lime to spoons turned to chimes, down at the Holiday Market, shoppers said you can find exactly what you had been looking for.

“There are literally thousands of things here to see and thousands of things I’d love to buy,” said shopper Ethan Hutchinson.

Fellow patron Terry Bullock said, “I know this is weird, but I do a lot of cooking and I’ve been looking for cranberry beans and I finally found them here.”

The gifts at the market are often unlike any other.

Shopper Maj Hutchinson said, “Our families are all back East. We don’t want to send them some generic thing they can buy at a Wal-Mart. So we buy something here and it’s like Eugene.”

“People are working from their heart. Creating beauty. Something they really want to do,” said Ethan Hutchinson.

Beyond the local items available for purchase, folks said you just couldn’t beat the holiday cheer. So, although vendors were looking forward to the rest at the market’s end, they, like those they were helping, couldn’t help but be sad to see it go.

Last-minute shopper Lori Florez said, “[It’s] a little panicky, kind of like you have to buy everything you know you won’t get for a while until they open up again.”

And as time runs out for last-minute shoppers this year, they did their best to enjoy the market, before it disappeared.

“There’s a warmth about coming here to the market. People are friendly and they’re outgoing. And so yeah, it will be missed,” said Bullock.

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