Food Company Planning Move To Coburg

COBURG, Ore. — The Coburg City Council approved a tax exemption program for an applesauce production company that’s looking to move into the city’s industrial park.

The company, Materne North America, gave its first public pitch Tuesday night at a joint meeting between the Coburg City Council and Lane County Commission.

The plans call for a more than $25 million investment that would translate into more than 200 jobs. It’s considering part of the old Monaco production facility.

Materne North America is part of a European company that produces the squeezable applesauce products called GoGo squeeZ™. Its only other North American facility is in Michigan. If plans become reality, the Coburg plant could be 150% bigger than the Michigan plant.

The Coburg City Council approved the Strategic Investment Program. It allows cities and counties to exempt taxes on large capital investments. Companies that are approved don’t have to pay certain taxes on more than the first $25 million.

Lane County Commissioners will take up the same program next week. They seemed pleased with the proposal, but stressed this is just the beginning of a complex process. They’re hoping the Coburg leaders can finalize a deal with the company.

Materne North America representatives say if everything goes as proposed, they will be producing their product by next summer.


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    nice going there will be low paying jobs in coberg for what ten years then like all of them companys will leave and then 200 or more people will be out of work

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