Food Drive May Fall Short of Goal

LANE COUNTY, Ore. — The Letter Carriers Annual Food Drive may fall short of its 185,000 pound goal this year. More than 90,000 pounds came in Saturday in Eugene and Springfield. That’s roughly three times that was brought in last Saturday. But, organizers say it’s still not enough and they blame last week’s blast of snow for hampering donations.

Food for Lane County Food Resource Developer Alicia Hines says, “It hit us hard, because we didn’t get as much food as we were anticipating and it hit the families we serve in a big way and they’re going to be coming to us for food. So, it’s not over. We do…we still have need and we ask people to donate to us.”

Organizers are still waiting on totals from rural areas. A final and overall tally should be in by the end of the week.

While the next big public drive isn’t until the Spring Game, people can still donate year-round to all the Goodwills throughout Eugene and Springfield.

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