Food For Lane County Finalist in Contest

EUGENE, Ore. — Food For Lane County is hoping to get people revved up about a new contest that could win the nonprofit a new car.

Food For Lane County is one of 250 finalists in the Toyota 100 Cars for Good program. Each day for 50 days, Toyota is featuring five different finalists on its website. At the end of the day the two nonprofits with the most votes win a brand new car.

“This would allow us to put everything we need in there, get it to where it needs to go, again, deliver hot meals for some of the different programs, deliver different boxes and emergency food boxes for some of the partner agencies that need our services,” said Hadee Sabzalian, FFLC Spokesman.

Food For Lane County’s day to vote is this Saturday, Oct. 19. Click here to vote.

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