Food For Lane County Wins Van

EUGENE, Ore. — It’s now a waiting game for Food For Lane County, after it was named the official winner of the Toyota Cars for Good program.

The nonprofit says it could take up to four months for their Toyota Sienna to arrive. It picked white and green as its top two color choices. The excitement around the office has been on the rise, since they found out they won the contest.

“I can’t wait. It’s going to be great. It was kind of hard at first when you win the van and you’re ready and then well, got to wait four months. So I know when it comes through it will be just like the day after we won it. Everyone’s ready. Everyone’s asking ‘When are we going to see the van?'” said Hadee Sabzalian, Corporate Relations Manager.

The van will be used to transport food around Lane County.

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