Football Clinic Caters to Women

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EUGENE, Ore. — Hundreds of women took the practice field Thursday night to learn all about touchdowns, tackling and timeouts — and they really got into it.

About 400 women showed up for the annual University of Oregon Women’s Football Clinic.

Coaches ran through drills for each position showing the groups where to stand and which direction to run.

While the ladies got a little competitive when it came time for the defensive drills, they say they appreciate the camaraderie with the other women.

“Everybody is just out having a great time and it’s just really fun and it’s like girl power, rawr,” said clinic attendee, Angel Campeau.

“These group settings, even women that you don’t know you’re instant friends and it’s a great time for everybody I believe,” said clinic attendee, Julie Williams-Jenkins.

There was also an auction where the women got to bid on going to dinner with some of the coaches.

One woman spent $5,100 to guest coach, and sit in on a practice.

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