Football Games Expensive for Fans

(CNN) — Going to a game is getting more expensive. By the time you buy the tickets, pay for parking, and grab some cold ones, it will set you back a pretty penny.

How much? Try $209 for 2 tickets, 2 beers and parking. And that doesn’t even count food.

A new report from Team Marketing Report says most of the money goes towards the ticket. The average regular season ticket goes for $82. That’s up 3 percent from last year.

But some people pay a lot more than that because about half of all NFL teams sell out every game of the season.

So this all comes back to basic economic, and the law of supply and demand. And keep in mind that football has a lot fewer games; just 16 in a season, compared to baseball’s 162 games and basketball’s 82. Because of that, analysts say fans will always pay more for football.

The priciest game in town? The Dallas Cowboys, costing more than $300 for 2 tickets, beers and parking. They’re followed by the New England Patriots and Chicago Bears.

Basically, you’ll pay the most for big cities or winning teams.

On the flip side, Browns, Bills and Buccaneers fans pay the least. They play in cheaper parts of the country and had losing seasons last year.

But the good news, football fans, is that about half of all NFL teams left ticket prices alone this year or even reduced them.

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