Former 4J Employee Sentenced

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A former 4J school secretary will spend nearly two years in jail for stealing from the elementary school where she worked. The five-hour sentencing hearing just finished up today. Cynthia Oberfoell pleaded guilty to five counts of theft one in June and today the judge determined her fate.

The defense explained why the school secretary stole money from the school, including needing money to take care of her sick mother. While the judge said he felt sympathetic, he handed down a twenty two month prison sentence. Oberfoell’s friends and family said they couldn’t believe what was happening.

She didn’t do it. I mean it’s just who she is. She’s selfless, understanding, compassionate. She would never. She would never do anything like this and i think she’s just been railroaded,” said Susan Kunkle, a friend of Oberfoell’s.

The prosecution stated that oberfoell does have opportunity to reduce her sentence. He believes that she may only end up serving just over half the time. Oberfoell was not taken into custody today. She will be required to report first thing Monday morning and the remaining balance of restitution must be paid in seven days.

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