Former SPD Chief’s Alleged Scandal

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — City mangers say former Police Chief Jerry Smith was pushed into early retirement after a photo surfaced of Smith kissing another city employee.

City Manager Gino Grimaldi says the photo dates back to before Smith’s retirement. He says it’s against city policy for an employee to have a relationship with someone who they work above.

“That’s an inappropriate relationship to have because you have somebody who has power over the employee that they’re having a relationship with and that’s untenable,” Grimaldi said.

The city manager found out about Smith’s alleged relationship when an anonymous person sent the picture to the city offices.

“The picture came through somebody in the department, it was emailed to them and was brought to the attention of the human resources department, who brought it to my attention and then the events unfolded,” Grimaldi said.

The anonymous person then sent a 45 minute video of the couple to Grimaldi, a city councilor and the Department of Police Standards in Salem.

After the picture and video surfaced, Gramaldi says he told Smith there would be an investigation into the relationship. Smith decided to leave before possibly getting fired.

Due to the circumstances of the departure, Smith did not receive pay for unused vacation days accrued during his 43 years of service.

“He didn’t get the normal payout that a retiree would get, so there were some financial consequences as a result of the way he left,” Grimaldi said.

Even though Smith left on such terms, the city manager hopes community members don’t let the news of this spoil the larger picture, one built over 43 years.

“You know he made many fantastic contributions to this community and I know I won’t forget those and I thank him for what he gave to the community unfortunately at the end of his career he made a mistake,” Grimaldi said.


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  1. Dennis Murphy says:

    You must be joking…all of the really serious stuff going on in the world and you expect we are stupid enough to think that this is a big deal. Usually I ignore this stuff, but this cop probably spent most of his life on everyone else but himself and now he does some normal male stuff and you think this is serious?!

    Get real!

  2. AViewer says:

    No surprise. My former brother-in-law from Springfield was also named Jerry Smith and my sister used to sporadically get phone calls over the years telling her that her police officer husband was having an affair. It’s been going on for decades. What took so long for him to get caught?

    1. Eugenevoter says:

      It took up until now because when called he didn’t spring a suspected City Concil Member out of jail

  3. Rob says:

    finally some sense in goverment. he did something wrong and he had to pay for his actions.

    now if all other employees were held accountable for their actions and had something to lose by not doing their job the way its supposed to be done maybe our goverment wouldnt be such a mess.

    usually there is no repercussions for their actions when they are doign wrong they jsut sluff it under the table and move them to a different position. I am a firm believer if you violate your contract and do things that harm the public while in a public employees position then the city/county or state shouldnt be bound by their contract with you and you should lose your pension. if there were severe repercussions then I believe public employees would be less willing to try and push their own beliefes and agenda into how they make decisions involving the taxy payers

  4. Dave says:

    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”, and let it be known that there is no one without some sort of sin at Springfield City Hall. The City of Springfield and especially City Manager Grimaldi should be ashamed of themselves for treating Chief Smith in such a grossly petty and unprofessional manner and should publically apologize to him for same. The fake ideas of “political correctness” and kiss between consenting adults does not. and never will, outweigh 43 years of faithful public service by Chief Smith, some of which undoubtedly was spent in possible peril to his own life. “Judge not, lest ye be judged”. Too late Manager Grimaldi, you have already publicly espoused your “judgement” from on high, and now we citizens can see that you are the one who is truly “unfit to hold public office”, not Chief Smith.

    1. jason marks says:

      Dave, i don’t agree with any of your statements. you clearly don’t know what you are talking about, just spouting some words strung together on a deluded statement.

      1. Dave says:

        Shut yer piehole Jason. No one cares if you agree with anything or disagree. That is because you are nothing.

  5. bob massey says:

    Jerry is a good guy and devoted his life to SPD and the Marine Corp. This is obviously a smear campaign and does nothing to break my respect for the guy. It was probably that councilor Ralston who was recently arrested for DUII and illegal pills. he was extremely pissed at Jerry for not bailing him out. Just a hunch. Who else has this kind of time on their hands than that unemployed waste of space.

  6. Knows for a fact says:

    I know for a fact that the guy was cheating on his wife for years. Not judging…just sayin.

  7. OnTheBeat says:

    Since he cheated on the person he should hold on a pedestal and put above all others – who cares, right? I’m sure he cares about the faceless public he “serves” a lot more than his wife, so this is the only thing he has ever done wrong.
    He probably had 100% impeccable judgment when making decisions for criminals too. I’m sure he was always fair and honest in the early years, during arrests, etc. Never fabricated evidence, trumped up charges, etc.

    COME ON PEOPLE!! He deceived his wife. His life partner, the one he made a LIFE COMMITMENT to.

    If any of you don’t question every single action he has ever taken now – then go hang out with the poster above who purports that all men do this sort of thing – is that the world we live in? Really???

    His 43 years of service “to the public” mean SQUAT – he is a liar, a philanderer and a cheater. I can’t believe it is limited to his sex/married life.

    1. what goes around... says:

      Ha! He only deceived his wife? That is not what is being reported today, they claim he falsified statements and criminal records for years.

    2. Dave says:

      In truth it is your meaningless babble that means squat.

  8. What goes around.... says:

    Smith was in a postion to where he “is” supposed to be held to a higher standard. Smith has been cheating for years and female co-workers and female victims of crimes know what kind of womanizer he is. He thinks women were put on this earth to satisfy his needs. When you blatantly lie during the course of an investigation and involve your co-workers in the Blue Code of Silence and the victims can prove he and hsi staff were lying, this has been going on for years. Of course men are going to back him up, they think it is ok for a Chief of Police or any other man to have multiple affairs.

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