Former City Councilor Files UO Complaint

EUGENE, Ore. — A former Eugene city councilor has filed a civil rights complaint against the University of Oregon for not publicly defending the three former UO basketball players accused of rape.5-13 uo lawsuit

Kevin Hornbuckle says he filed a civil rights complaint against the UO and its athletic department because administration participated in public hostility toward former UO basketball players Brandon Austin, Dominic Artis and Damyean Dotson.

In his formal complaint filed under Title IX — Hornbuckle says “the UO participated in generating a climate of hysteria” even though the district attorney decided to not file charges, he says UO administration didn’t reveal the truth of the police report, and instead hid behind federal privacy laws.

Hornbuckle says in turn it caused a wave of unwarranted hostility towards the players.

“It’s wrong for victims of sexual assault to get so whipped up in a fervor that they recreate the wrong that was done to them. That’s not sensible regardless of whether or not they were victimized,” said former Eugene City Councilor, Kevin Hornbuckle.

Hornbuckle took it one step further — saying this caused a swarm of negativity toward the basketball program and male students in general.

Hornbuckle says the players shouldn’t be presumed guilty and should have never been kicked off the team.

He says the false accusations disrupts students’ ability to learn.

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