Former Occupy Camp Still Needs Work

May 18, 2012

By Jessica Debbas

EUGENE, Ore — The park under the Washington-Jefferson Bridge that hosted Occupy Eugene is scheduled to be back open by mid-June.

City crews say there is still work to be done before the gates, blocking off the park, come down.

While it was occupied, the park’s soil was compacted by foot traffic and city crews say the ground needs to be aerated to relieve it.

Some bare areas need to be re-seeded and debris — left behind by the occupy campers trails — removed.

Managers say the dry winter months helped alleviate the work load crews could have had.

“When i said we lucked out, as far as the damage that occurred was directly related to how dry it was when they were here, otherwise, this grass might have not come back,” said the park’s operation supervisor Rob Hallett.

City crews also say the dry stretch we’ve had the past couple weeks is letting workers get started earlier than expected.

Park managers are contracting out the renovation work that they hope will begin the first week of June

They estimate the total cost for renovating the Washington-Jefferson Park will be between $5,000 and $10,000.

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