Former Officer Pleads Guilty

EUGENE, Ore. – A former Eugene Police officer involved in a sex abuse investigation pleaded guilty to six charges Wednesday.

Stefan Zeltvay, 44, of Eugene, pleaded guilty to five counts of sexual harassment and one count of sexual abuse in the third degree.

Eugene Police received a complaint about Zeltvay in July 2012. Police conducted a criminal investigation and learned of potentially criminal acts.

Investigators identified a number of women who were sexually abused or sexually harassed by Zeltvay. The incidents happened while Zeltvay was on-duty and off-duty, during social functions and on his personal time. His criminal behavior involved inappropriate comments and offensive and sexual touching.

EPD is concerned that there may be more victims. Anyone with information can call Eugene Police Sgt. Scott McKee at (541) 682-5144. If they’re uncomfortable calling police, they can call the Police Auditor at (541) 682-5016.

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