Former Sweet Home Athletic Director Faces Jail Time

SWEET HOME, Ore. — A former Sweet Home High School athletic director, coach, and teacher will spend 30 days in jail after he pleaded guilty to sex abuse charges.

Students and community members say they were originally surprised by the allegations against Kostanty Knurowski, and now shocked to hear he pleaded guilty Tuesday to three counts of third degree sex abuse.

That plea means the district’s former athletic director and coach admitted to having a sexual relationship with a former student.  She was just 17-years-old and a junior at the time.

A judge ordered Knurowski to spend 30-days in jail.  He also has to register as a sex offender, and can’t have any unsupervised contact with girls between the ages of 12 and 18.

The man who was the district’s athletic director, PE teacher, and head boys varsity basketball coach can’t go near Sweet Home High School either.

“I’m very shocked that he actually got arrested for this kind of thing, I would never think that of him and I actually think he should have a longer sentence because that’s a horrible act, and as a teacher that shouldn’t be happening,” said Sweet Home HS Student Caroline Huss.

“He’s lost his family, his job, his livelihood, everything else in the process and we all make mistakes in life and I think he got a just reward on that mistake,” said Sweet Home Resident Jimmie Crover.

Knurowski was terminated by the Sweet Home School District board of directors at the end of May.  School officials are still looking for an athletic director to fill his position.

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