Former Trainer’s Wife Testifies

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EUGENE, Ore. — The trial is under way for the former Willamette High School athletic trainer accused of sexually abusing a student.

It was an emotional day of testimony in the courtroom Wednesday as the state called Talya Schley, Timothy Schley’s wife, to the stand.

She testified she came home from work early on Feb. 7 because she wasn’t feeling well and it was snowing.

When she got there, an underage student athlete was at their house.

Talya says during a two-hour conversation with her husband he told her that he and the minor had oral sex but not intercourse.

The mom of the alleged victim also took to the stand. She says Timothy Schley came to her house that night and apologized but didn’t specify what he was apologizing for. She says she already knew what happened because her daughter had told her.

The prosecution is arguing Schley had intimate contact with the alleged victim multiple times and his job as an athletic trainer is similar to that of an athletic coach.

But the defense says while Schley admitted to kissing the girl and violating his marriage vows, he is adamant he did not have any sexual contact and he hadn’t inappropriately touched the minor.

Also on the stand Wednesday, an officer and forensics analyst from the Eugene Police Department, the Willamette High School athletic director and a coach.

On Thursday, members of a forensics team will talk about the evidence collected from Schley’s home.

The trial is expected to wrap up by Friday.

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