Foster Care Bill of Rights Signed

SALEM, Ore. — Current and former foster children and their advocates headed to Salem Monday to celebrate the signing of the Foster Care Bill of Rights.

Senate Bill 123A explains the basic rights of Oregon’s foster kids to things like food, clothes and safety. It also requires that the case workers go over those rights with people entering or already in the foster care system.

Those in the foster care system say it can be complicated and confusing and this bill is a step in the right direction.

“It’ll give them another tool to advocate for themselves. Often times foster care kids don’t feel other people know how to advocate for them; but they don’t really have the tools to advocate for themselves, and I think this gives them one of those kinds of tools to advocate for themselves,” said youth leader Patrick Kindred.

There are currently more than 10,000 kids in foster care in Oregon and 1,200 of those are in Lane County.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The best thing that Oregon can do for foster children is stick to the federal mandate that states that if a child is in ‘alternative’ care (foster care) for 15 out of 22 consecutive months that TPR (termination of parental rights) is to be sought. Too many foster children are in the system for much, much longer than that. I personally know of children who were adopted at 2 yrs 9 months in care and 5 yrs 3 months in care. Way too long. These are just 2 cases out of thousands.

    If Oregon wants to be really proactive and serve the best interest of the child they need to adopt legislation that would mandate tpr at 6 months in care for infants birth to 6 months of age; tpr at 9 months in care for infants 6 – 12 months of age; tpr at 12 months for children 12 – 24 months of age and a maximum of 15 months in care for children 25 months and older. Other states do this and the children are not sitting in foster care for years like here in Oregon.

    If tpr trial are held there needs to be a judgment for, or against tpr within 10 days and only one 30 day extension for appeals. No more of this 18 months with multiple appeals and extensions before tpr is finalized. Let’s get these innocent children out of foster care and back with families who truly work hard to change to be reunified with their children, or let them be adopted into families who truly want them.

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