Foster Cats For Your Business

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — If you are looking to add a friend to your business, or hoping to connect with customers better, a cat might be the answer.

The Heartland Humane Society in Corvallis is looking for businesses to participate in its new program called “Cat About Town,” where businesses foster care for cats. The Humane Society says right now it has a lot of adult cats who have a harder time finding homes.

A yarn shop in downtown Corvallis, Stash, took part in the free program last month. Within three weeks, Gorgeous George found someone who wanted to adopt him.

“People really enjoyed connecting with him,” said the owner of the store, Sonia Ruyts. “And were surprised when they would come in and here a little meow. They’d ask, ‘Is there a cat here?’ And we’d say yeah, and tell them the story. And so it was a good way to connect with customers, especially new people who hadn’t been in before.”

Ruyts says new customers would pop in just to see the cat. She says foster homes for cats is a good way for pet-seekers to see the animals in a more relaxed environment.

Another business in town, Olufson Designs, is also participating in the program. However, employees have fallen in love with Winston the cat, so they are keeping him.

“The idea was to foster him,” said Elisa Olufson, one of the store owners. “But we’ve got quite a few women in the store who love cats. So he’s not going anywhere.”

In the meantime, he is slowly warming up to greeting customers.

“He’s helped a lot of couples pick out their engagement rings,” Olufson said. “He’s known to hop up on the counters. It’s a nice calming feeling. Some people are nervous about coming into a jewelry store.”

Businesses say Cat About Town is a trade off to help with promotion, and for the pets who are still trying to find homes.

If you are interested in participating, contact the Humane Society at (541) 757-9000 or at: catabouttown@heartlandhumane.org

The shelter will provide businesses will all the cat’s supplies including food and toys.

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