Foster Kids Transform Into Princesses

3-2 princess for a dayEUGENE, Ore. — Hundreds of Lane County girls were walking the red carpet Sunday.

Three hundred and fifty girls attended the annual Princess for a Day event at the Valley River Inn. The girls get a new dress, their hair and makeup done, and attend a tea party with all their friends.

Half of the girls are living with foster families. The organization A Family for Every Child hosts this special day to give girls the royal treatment they deserve.

“It’s just giving back to a population in our community that doesn’t get very much attention paid to them very often,” said Susie Trahan, A Family for Every Child spokesperson.

“I don’t usually have people do my makeup and my hair and it’s just like different to have somebody do it for once,” said Eugene resident Sarah Sutton.

For girls who aren’t in foster homes like Sutton, it was $50 to attend. The money goes directly toward funding the event.

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